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Healthy Choices

Our Mission Statement

  Providing healthy food options for cats and dogs....sounds simple, right?  Read a bag of average kibble and that bag will swear it's the best, but is it really?  The only way to know and pass that on to the customer is: research and knowledge of what's out there.  Many people ask, "how come you don't carry.....??"  the answer is usually the same, it's not the best.  We want to provide the best product and in turn the best nutrition for your pet.  Education is the key to success and pet nutrition is no different. From our proprietor, Dianne who is an expert on pet nutrition, pet health, supplements, holistic remedies, and the list goes on. Each employee takes on as much knowledge as possible to help you so we can practice what we preach and we are here to help. Our customer's pets a.k.a family members are our concern.  We're not here to sell you the most expensive food just because, we're here to help you make the best decisions for your pet(s).


Grass Fed Bone Broth
*Heals leaky gut

*Promotes bone health, digestive health & skin health

*Contains minerals in a form the body can absorb easily

*Reduces joint pain & inflammation

*Increases nutrient absorbtion


Fish Oil
*Improves coat & skin

*Reduces inflammation

*Regulates immune system

*Lowers blood pressure

*Provides support for kidney disease, heart disease & cancer

*Promotes weight loss in overweight animals


Meet The Owner


Has been in business for over 21 years and counting.  Dianne is absolutely "hands on" with the store. She will always work with the team at the store to assure we bring in only the best for your needs.After all with all those years in business comes so much knowledge. This store is her other home at heart.  Her furbabies include four cats and a Chinese Crested name Giselle.They are all kept on a amazing raw diet crafted after so many years of knowledge in this business. She hopes to see you in soon.

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