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99 Samples

On any given day we have a hefty supply of samples. Whether it's kibble, canned, treats or even raw, we will supply you with a sample or two so you can give things a try, just to make sure your furry friend(s) approve.

New Sales always announced on our Instagram & Facebook!

10% Case Discounts

For every case of canned dog or cat food you buy, you receive a 10% case discount (except those cases that are part of a special) Most dog food cases are 12 cans (except 5.5 oz cans which are 24 cans) Cat food cases are in 24 counts.

*Select Bedding 25% OFF
*All Pooch Apparel 25% OFF

Frequent Buyer Programs

We offer Frequent Buyer Programs for select brands we carry. These typically involve a 'Buy x amount and Get 1 Free' arrangement. Some may require additional steps, such as initialing a card, while others might ask you to keep your receipts and proof of purchase. Don't hesitate to inquire with any of our team members to find out if your favorite brand participates in a frequent buyer program.


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