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99 Samples

On any given day we have a hefty supply of samples. Whether it's kibble, canned, treats or even raw, we will supply you with a sample or two so you can give things a try, just to make sure your furry friend(s) approve.

New Sales always announced on our Instagram!

10% Case Discounts

For every case of canned dog or cat food you buy, you receive a 10% case discount (except those cases that are part of a special) Most dog food cases are 12 cans (except 5.5 oz cans which are 24 cans) Cat food cases are in 24 counts.

*Select Bedding 25% OFF
*All Pooch Apparel 25% OFF

Frequent Buyer Programs

Many brands we carry provide Frequent Buyer Programs. These normally consist of "Buy 12, Get 1 Free." Some require a card to be initialed, while others need the receipts and proof of purchase to be kept. Feel free to ask any of our employees if your favorite brand has a frequent buyer program.


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