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Always Seek Knowledge  (ASK)

List of common additives in dry kibble: anti-caking agents, antimicrobial agents, coloring agents, leavening agents, drying agents, firming agents, flavor enhancers,  flavoring agents, processing aids, solvents, thickeners....Why are chemical preservatives added? Because pet food manufacturers need to ensure that dry foods have a long shelf life and remain edible after shipping & prolonged storage.

Keep them Healthy:

Whether dog or cat, young or old, proper nutrition is the key to peak health.  Like their human counterparts, genes do play a role in overall health, but a nutritionally sound diet can extend the life of our furry friends. Our canine and feline family members depend on us to provide them with a healthy diet and the more we educate ourselves the better their lives will be. Come on in to the store and speak with our staff about your pet and any concerns you may have.  We're here to help!

Fermented Fish Stock??

Why use fermented fish stock?  How about Digestion & Immune support? Joint Support, Oral Health support, Skin & Coat support, Thyroid Support, Diabetes Support, Kidney Support. Sound Good?  Come on in and try a pint!

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

*Detox- (Provides a rich cocktail of vitamins, minerals & trace elements to help bodies deal with pollution, stresses & strains encountered daily.) *Healthy Digestion *Natural Immune Support *Reduces Inflammation *Collagen & Elastin Repair for Healthy skin *Regulate Weight & Energy Levels *Daily Dose of Vitamins & Minerals *Amino Acids *Dental Health *Nutritional Supplement

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